Healthy Smiles

Keeping your smile healthy with routine dental care is our goal.  Annual dental examinations can detect problems long before serious consequences occur.  Using the latest in digital x-rays, laser detection, and state-of-the-art cancer screening, Dr. Lawson and our staff offers exceptional preventive care.

Regular dental visits keep your teeth and gums clean and free of plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria.  Our hygienists use the most advanced technology during regular visits to maintain your oral health.  Ultrasonic cleaning devices complement gentle hand cleaning to provide the most comprehensive treatment.  Digital x-rays can offer superior clarity and reduce radiation up to 90%. The VELscope Vx is a powerful and important tool in oral cancer screening, allowing for early detection and treatment of abnormal or pre-cancerous cells.

Customized non-invasive dental appliances can reduce wear on your teeth and prevent chronic headaches.   These preventive treatments can reverse TMJ disease, stop teeth grinding, and help your teeth last a lifetime.